COMPACT - Antimicrobial PVC-U

Antimicrobial data trunking has been designed specifically to help reduce micro-organisms which may cause harmful infections and diseases in environments such as hospitals and schools. Our cable trunking incorporates BioCote’s silver ion antimicrobial technology which reduces the occurrence of micro-organisms and inhibits the growth both of bacteria and mould.

Tests carried out by the supplier of the technology, BioCote, have previously shown that products incorporating the ionic silver at the time of manufacture, typically help reduce levels of bacteria including MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria, on surfaces up to 99%.

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COMPACT Data Antimicrobial : Cat 6, Cat 6a & Cat 7 Compatible Data Trunking for Fast and Simple Installation

COMPACT Data measures just 140mm x 50mm complimenting our larger sister product PROFILA Data. With similar aesthetics our data trunking family can be connected together using an adapter, allowing trunking of different sizes to be installed in the same building with a consistent appearance.

Cable Capacity
COMPACT Data‘s design maximises cable spacing giving up to 30% more cable capacity than other similar sized systems. The open design provides full cable support during cable loading for both top and bottom compartments, with no lids or other components in the way.

COMPACT Data comes with moulded flat angles and tee pieces, complete with simple but effective inner guides to steer and separate data and power cables from one another. This minimises cable interference and ensures compliance with relevant standards. COMPACT Data‘s symmetrical design makes life easier for the installer as the same flat angle or tee piece can be used for both up and down options.

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