It all started in 1911 with company founder Franz Bettermann in a steel factory producing fastenings. In 1952 an OBO engineer was frustrated with the current method of having to drill a hole for the anchors they produced and so he developed a special construction that eliminated the need for drilling as the newly designed anchor could simply be knocked directly into the wall.

From this moment on our pioneering spirit had a name: OBO - ohne bohren (without drilling). This special fastening simplified the work of the end user whilst considerably reducing labour time on site.

More than half a century has passed since this revolutionary Research & Development project but our pioneering spirit remains. Our engineers continue to work on the development of new products and indeed continuous improvement to existing products to make them simpler to install whilst maintaining excellent quality.

OBO today produces over 30,0000 articles with 4000 employees and achieves an annual turnover level in excess of 550 million euros with more than 40 subsidiary companies worldwide.

Becoming part of the OBO family has proven to be the perfect scenario to cement the future of Trench Limited within the UK market place.

Trench has access to all products manufactured by OBO Bettermann. Across the world OBO Bettermann products are making electrical infrastructure installations safer, faster and easier to install.

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Products include;

  • VBS Connection & Fastening Systems
  • TBS Transient & Lightning Protection Systems
  • KTS Cable Support Systems
  • BSS Fire Protection Systems
  • LFS Cable Routing Systems
  • EGS Device Systems