Data Adjustable Double Socket 38-50mm

Product Code: 202425

Pack Size: 10

Colour:RAL 9003 Signal White

Note : When using with PROFILA Data, the maximum depth is 46mm

Design Notes: REHAU by Trench - Adjustable Socket Boxes

Data cable manufacturers continuously have more stringent installation requirements and in most cases these are mandatory to warranty channel performance. This is why REHAU by Trench, aware of the importance of these issues has developed an innovative adjustable socket box design that complies with the strictest requirements of the top 10 data cable manufacturers.

Our design can safely house a variety of CAT 6, 6A and even CAT 7 modules thanks to its generous depth range from 38 to 50mm (depending on trunking type).

Other features include:

  • Location of cable exit knock-outs corresponds to the geometry of most common telecommunication modules.
  • 45° and 90° Up
  • Straight
  • 45° and 90° Down - Sideways
  • Concave back wall, which eliminates right angles and corners.

These features along with our innovative data trunking range provide fast and easy installation for contractors while meeting the latest standards and regulations governing the installation of data cabling and electrical installations.


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